At least the one thing in this life I can look forward to is finally mastering a skill well enough to be called an overrated talentless hack.

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I make this post not as a groundling but rather as someone who has found new grounds... Wait no!!!

I make this post in hopes of advertising my website to those who've chosen to follow me on the single website on which I've had any semblance of a noteworthy following...

Well, the single website I haven't thrown a tirade and deleted my account off of anyway.

If you are reading this then it means you or a loved one has at one point or another been charmed by either my work or my personality, as one naturally would. While I have outgrown Newgrounds I am still an active andy as ever, if not more active than ever on my personal website PunkCartoons.com, on which I am currently running comic strips that are free to the masses, and in the future hope to sell comics to the non-freeloaders of the world.

I shall likely not return to newgrounds in any permanent sense as I have grown beyond it in an effort to carve out my own personal identity. But, if you ever really gave a shit for anything I've contributed here, maybe check out my site and leave a comment.

For those that don't care, it's been good to know ya, as this is where we part. For those willing to follow me over to the new frontier, thank you.

The site is hosted on Neocities, so for those that use the service as well feel free to follow me HERE.

Otherwise... I can't exactly leave, as I haven't been here in a long long time.


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