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I've gotta say dude, this was a lot better than your last one, simple but quick and straight to the point.

It went on just as long as it needs to and while the joke wasn't all that complex or clever, Jesse's facial expressions made it work.
The character designs look a lot cleaner than last time as well and the purple outlines are a nice touch.

Overall, a very welcome improvement. Nicely done!

I can't stop watching this, specifically the Nostalgia Critic scream part.

This still makes me laugh.

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Really fun game with a really neat concept.
I love it, nicely done!

Man, this was great.
You really got me attached to this little marshmallow lookin' dude.
10/10 would play again, mainly because I feel guilty making my little buddy sit around at the start of the first level.

ROCoGames responds:

Haha i love all the names for him. Thanks a lot for playing i'm glad you formed a bit of a connection. Hopefully we will find him again at some point :P

Fun game for the most part but there's too many rooms with hazards right next to the door which wouldn't be quite as bad if it wasn't a one-hit kill game, it kind of ruins it for me.

I give it a 3/5, may play again.

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I mean, credit where it's due, you're a better singer than Madonna

Ey, I'm glad you liked my cartoon. Partially because I probably wouldn't have found your podcast had you not talked about it, and I've gotta say, this is a pretty cool podcast.

I like the whole recommendation concept where you showcase music and talk about animations here on NG, I'm all about shining a spotlight on independent creators and it seems like you do that pretty well.

You've got yourselves a new listener, keep up the good work.

Nice work.

JacksonTime responds:

Thanks man!

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Now this right here, this is a pretty simple yet interesting character design.
I like it!

NoahAnimates101 responds:

Yeah, it’s really just some Horribly disfigured creature

Ooh, this one's pretty cool!

NoahAnimates101 responds:

Thanks, I’m about to upload another one in a sec!


NoahAnimates101 responds:


I'm a Punk Cartoonist.

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