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Such a simple joke, yet so funny.
Good one, 8/10!

Really good work on this, it's been a while since I've seen some good claymation.
You've earned yourself a follower, can't wait to see what you come out with in the future.

Conchon-Kid responds:

Thank you. I'm working on something right now. It's not claymation but I'll make some more of that in the future too.

Eh, he's still got two lives left. He'll respawn eventually.
Funny stuff though, everything I could've wanted from a title like Mario Freakin' Dies.
Good work!

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A Jiggle Billy Soundboard?
Well tarnation, that's just what I was lookin' for!

Pretty good concept, all it needs is a bunch of explosions and an epic Death Metal soundtrack and I'm thinkin' it could be the best game of the decade.

Really fun game with a really neat concept.
I love it, nicely done!

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I mean, credit where it's due, you're a better singer than Madonna

Ey, I'm glad you liked my cartoon. Partially because I probably wouldn't have found your podcast had you not talked about it, and I've gotta say, this is a pretty cool podcast.

I like the whole recommendation concept where you showcase music and talk about animations here on NG, I'm all about shining a spotlight on independent creators and it seems like you do that pretty well.

You've got yourselves a new listener, keep up the good work.

Nice work.

JacksonTime responds:

Thanks man!

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Alright, that's the third time you've made me laugh tonight.
You win a follow!

TheCartoonZone responds:

haha, thank you!

glad you enjoy my stuff!

I don't know why this made me laugh like it did.
Maybe it's Peter Griffin Steven's accomplished look as he stands over Jasper's dead body.
Either way 0/10, would die again.

Ooh, that's both horrifying AND stylistically captivating. My favorite combination!!!
I love it!

BoyPorcelain responds:

Thank you, glad to see you like it :)

I like to drink, ship, and make cartoons... Not necesarily in that order, not necesarily not in that order

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