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Aww, I liked this!
The animation style is so warm and cute!

Favorited and followed.

At least it's not a test animation like so many of the submissions clogging judgement right now.

Edit: Hamburger man make me chuckle as well.

Kutaykomiks responds:

You're technically right, but that doesn't really have much to do with the cartoon itself.

Edit: Yeah! Now THAT was in the cartoon!

Happy birthday to the video that single-handedly showcased everything great about Newgrounds in just three minutes and thirty-seven seconds.

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Honestly pretty good.
Kinda brings me back to the Cartoon Network flash games I played as a lad.

Nice work!

Man, this is fantastic!
I got some real Earthbound vibes from this in the sense that I really wanted to explore the whole map and see every little piece of dialogue.
That last dance contest is tough as a bitch though.

Fantastic game and I'd be thrilled to see more like it in the future!

I won!

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How did I not find this track sooner? It's fantastic!
I can imagine a really freakin' sweet Sega Genesis platformer level with this playing in the background, not like Sonic 3 even though that's the sound driver you used, but something completely different that I can't quite describe.

Great work dude! Why the hell hasn't someone gotten you on board to score a whole video game by now?

Seth responds:

Thank you so much for the compliments!
tbh I am scoring a video game right now. It will be at least a year before the beta is available, though.

The song itself is pretty cool and gives me some real REM vibes, the sound quality's kind of poor though and the instrumental really overshadows the vocals. I'd suggest recording the vocals and instrumental seperately so you could mix them better.

Overall, this could make for a great song with a little more polish, good work!

Phisolophe313 responds:

Thx man! I just used my phone for recording. I spent a lot of time studying audio engineering in the last 2 years or so tho. I'm getting better. Msybe i'll put more stuff on here, but idk, it's kind of a waste of hard work.

Pretty good podcast so far, all it needs now is some paid sponsorships!

DomAndFroShow responds:

We should actually have something lined here pretty soon!

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That's some really good dynamic posing on Pico.
Nice work!

Kutaykomiks responds:

Thanks Billy!

This is fantastic and at least 67% better than the original!

Kutaykomiks responds:

Thanks Billy! Keep up the good work!

I like that little 3D Paint figure on his desk, that's a neat little detail.

Kutaykomiks responds:

Thank you!

At least the one thing in this life I can look forward to is finally mastering a skill well enough to be called an overrated talentless hack.

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