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Posted by BillyRedSnake - December 21st, 2020

I made a little Kenny model.


Ya know, because what the fuck else would I have made?


Posted by BillyRedSnake - December 18th, 2020

To my dearest @TomFulp

I've been trying out the new Movie Portal over the past couple days, and if I may be so bold...


I have some notes.

First and foremost, after using the new Portal for a while, I'm happy to say that my initial trepidations have been thoroughly and undisputedly cancelled out. I thought for sure I was going to dislike the layout just as I did back when the very same change was made to the Art Portal, which I dislike to this day because of how easy it is to click out of the page and lose your spot on the endlessly scrolling list, a flaw that I always thought could be solved simply by having all submissions open in a new tab by default.

Fortunately, the Movie Portal has solved this issue almost completely and in a far more extravagant way than I would've thought of thanks to the new player's in-page viewing option which allows you to watch every movie in a non-stop playlist which, I've gotta say, is pretty freaking great! It's been a while since I've watched as many cartoons on here as I have in the past two days and I think this will do a lot of good in holding audience attention!

Of course, just like anything else in its relative infancy, there are aspects that can be improved, such as the biggest problem that I saw from the very beginning.

With a non-stop automatic playlist like this, it's easy to go through a number of cartoons and forget to check out the artist's page, as I did a few times before remembering to go back and favorite them afterward.

I think the in-page audio player has a near perfect system where you can favorite a track as it is playing, a feature which is more or less a necessity to carry over to the movie player. With that in mind, I think both players are in dire need of some way to follow the artists right within the page.

Another thing that came to mind was how the new setup might make it easier to overlook the voting aspect, but then I realized this probably wouldn't be as important considering the fact that most playlists wouldn't include under judgement movies anyway. So I considered the idea of a middle ground where monthly voting becomes more emphasized, maybe set up a new system where it's rewarded with XP? Or maybe even a new version of monthly voting where instead of a top-ten list users just rate all the submissions they watched like they probably should've done in the first place.

I don't know how difficult this would all be to set up as my programming knowledge peaks at <a href="newgrounds.com">Linking something</a> but I just figured I'd share some ideas and observations instead of just being the dick who says "Ugh, the new layout sucks, why can't everything just stay exactly like it was back when I first joined the site?" because that's not a productive mindset for anyone.

So that's pretty much it, in-player favorite/follow buttons and maybe some kind of voting shortcut, more emphasized monthly voting, and art/game links opening in a new tab by default until the point they get their own in-page player since that seems to be the direction Newgrounds is going in.


Posted by BillyRedSnake - October 22nd, 2020

Welcome to the comedy zone, bitches!

I hit the double sex number!!!



Posted by BillyRedSnake - October 9th, 2020

For those of you who don't know, I have a website, and for those of you who do know, I just made two new additions to it!

The first addition is a page I've named The RedSnake Report which is basically a little update blog where I talk about things I'm working on, thoughts I have, and other various things going on with me.

The second addition is the Comics Section where I intend to post all of my future short comic series. As of right now you can go there and read my oldest surviving comic "STUART!!!", a full-fledged 20-page book that I haven't really posted anywhere until now...

It's almost like I'm putting out new material! New material that's of a significantly lower quality than my actual new material, but I digress.

And before anyone asks, no I'm not completely abandoning Newgrounds, not in the foreseeable future anyway. I'm setting up my own website for two reasons, autonomy and brand recognition.

  • Autonomy because in the event that something happens to Newgrounds in the future "The servers shut down, Tom sells the site, or something else out of my control happens" then I'll have my own website that I have full control over with every line of HTML backed up on my computer so even if something happens to my host I can just migrate it over to a new one with a few copy/pastes.
  • Brand recognition because it looks a lot better when you have your work showcased on your own website rather than a social media/art sharing site profile. Which do you think looks better on a business card, "BillyRedSnake.Newgrounds.com" or "PunkCartoons.com"? That's just the way I see it.


Posted by BillyRedSnake - September 17th, 2020

That's right, the best cartoon about a burger joint now has official merch!

Suit up with the official Lee Van Beef uniform available now on CafePress!

Now you can watch the cartoon without looking like a huge weenie that's out of uniform!

Order now or forever be labeled an uncool square in the LVB social circle!!!



Posted by BillyRedSnake - September 4th, 2020

I have decided that sitting on a cartoon for a full week after it's finished probably isn't that great an incentive for giving me money.

Instead I came up with a new idea...

MP4 downloads!

That's right, for just three bucks you can download any and all of my cartoons right to your computer, that way you can watch them offline or even remix them into Youtube Poops if you're an ambitious little bugger!

So what are ya waiting for?


Posted by BillyRedSnake - August 18th, 2020

So I finally got the NeoCities premium membership and am well on my way to creating the greatest website ever conceived!


Unfortunately, the 50 gigs of storage space they give you with a premium membership isn't enough to hold all of my cartoons, so all the videos on it are just embeds of my uploads here on Newgrounds, which is upsetting, I wanted to be the new Channel Awesome but I guess that dream's dead in the water.

I guess the main point of this news post is to let all my followers know that I have a website and maybe take some suggestions on how to make it better, because I really do wanna make a great website in spite of my lack of HTML prowess.

So yeah, I guess check it out and maybe bookmark it to see how it comes out over time!


Posted by BillyRedSnake - August 14th, 2020


Posted by BillyRedSnake - June 20th, 2020

And I am officially mentally drained.

Go watch it and tell me what ya think...

Or else.



Posted by BillyRedSnake - February 20th, 2020